Kyrie 2 Performance Review

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This is it. Kyrie’s second signature shoe. It doesn’t really feature any new tech at all and it was increased in price by $15 from the previous model.

Lets start off with the traction like always.


Let’s start off by saying DAMN. This traction is amazing. The SoleBrothers have rated this as one of the best if not THE best tractions of 2015.

It features a normal herringbone traction but with a new pivot circle located in the center of the outsole. This pivot circle is easily felt and helps to pivot your foot when posting up or doing the crossover. I’ve never felt anything like it and I want to keep feeling it as I play.

tractionkyrie 2 traction 2

Another amazing feature of the shoe is the outsole curvature on the inside of the shoe. The rubber outsole extends to the side of the shoe so when you’re doing cuts or crossovers, you have extra traction that bites the floor.

kyrie 2 round

Overall, the traction is straight beastly. It does not require a lot of break in time or wiping if the court is dusty and the squeak is minimal. The traction is one of the best features of the shoe in my opinion. Just remember that the rubber is pretty soft so playing outdoors will probably grind down on the rubber quickly.


Now let’s move on to a not so impressive part of the shoe, the cushion.

It features a lightweight phylon midsole with a zoom air unit in the heel. The phylon midsole that’s used in this shoe is very dense and hard. Like, standing on bricks. You can’t feel the zoom air unit at all. Why was the zoom unit included in the heel anyway? Guards and players like Kyrie play mostly on they’re toes which means it would have been better to put the zoom unit in the forefoot right?

kyrie 2 cushion kyrie 2 cushion 2

The insole for this shoe is just a regular ortholite insole. Nothin special.

kyrie 2 insole

If you’re a player looking for bouncy cushion that has a lot of impact protection, you should look for another shoe. But if you’re a younger player that’s fast and wants a fast response time from the cushion with a lot of court feel, then this is the shoe for you.


The Kyrie 2 features a hyperfuse construction for the forefoot area of the shoe and a composite mesh around the back of the shoe.

kyrie 2 materials kyrie 2 materials 2

The hyperfuse construction is not my favorite type of material because it’s really stiff and hard even after you break it in. Nike also added additional fuse on the tip of the toe for extra durability which made the shoe feel really hard in that area. Also there’s really no airflow for ventilation. On the other hand, the composite mesh is nice. It’s really soft yet supportive and it allows Nike to put any kind of pattern or design on that part of the shoe.

Midfoot Strap

The midfoot strap.. Hmm. It looks cool. And thats about it. It really gets in the way of tying your shoe and it doesn’t seem to lock you down in the shoe more than if the midfoot strap was there or not. It also mangles your laces so be careful for that.

kyrie 2 strap

Overall, not my favorite materials for performance basketball but it gets the job done.


Ventilation is horrible in this shoe. There’s no airflow because of the hyperfuse upper and all the glue that they use. It gets pretty hot in the shoe, so moisture builds up which leads to a lot of blisters if you play for a long time in the shoe.

If you’re someone that needs ventilation like me, stay away from this shoe.


The fit was really nice. This shoe does go true to size. Initially, there was some pinching in the shoe because the materials were so stiff but as I played more in the shoe, the shoe broke in and the pinching went away. The overall support and lockdown comes from the nice fit of the shoe, the internal TPU heel counter and the lacing system.

Really no complaints on the fit/support/lockdown.

Check out the video review HERE.





The Kyrie 2 is an amazing basketball shoe. Traction is great, fit is great, the materials are so so, and the price is decent. The only problem is with the cushion, but that depends on if you like court feel with no impact protection, or cushion with a lot of impact protection and is bouncy. All in all, the SOLE BROTHERS do recommend this shoe.


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