Brandblack J. Crossover 3 Tech Overview

jc3 lateral

Here it is. The sequel to one of my favorite shoes to play ball in has finally arrived. With its $20 increase from last years model, can it out perform the J. Crossover 2? Hopefully it does.


Brandblack has implemented their blade traction into the JC3 again. The rubber on the JC3 is a lot harder than the JC2 but it still seems to be a good traction. The traction isn’t too squeaky like the JC2.


jc3 tractions close


jc3 traction closer


Brandblack has made a new kind of cushion called “Black Foam.” It says that it has 40% more rebound than standard EVA foams. Also the insole is really nice, giving the step in comfort a nice kind of memory foam cushion.

Full length thermo-plastic “Force Vector” plate cradles the whole sole. This technology allows for a more stable cushion set up because the shoe would be unstable if it was just the soft black foam.

jc3 cushion

jc33 shroud


The upper is made of a one piece, ultra light ballistic nylon material, which is traditionally used in military applications. It’s very soft and it seems like it there will be no break in time. There is also a molded asymmetrical heel locking pad that’s shaped like the negative space created by your ankle bone in the shoe. So basically an achilles heel pillow as we like to call it.

There is also a fused thermoplastic urethane which reinforces the heel, forefoot and laces. It is designed so that the “high wear” ares of the shoe are protected and gives the shoe added durability.

jc3 top

jc3 materials clos

The Shroud

The JC3 is two shoes in one. For the player that wants more support than a traditional mid cut, the JC3 has a removable shroud that cradles the heel and ankle of the entire shoe. Does it add support? Really? It didnt feel any different to me. The shroud is made of leather but it feels really thin and pretty flimsy to add support to the shoe. But it looks really cool right?

Here are some pictures of the JC3 with the shroud.

jc3 shroud side

jc3 shroud medial

jc3 shroud back

jc3 shroud 2


The fit of the shoe is amazing. It fits perfectly to my foot and the material goes right over my toes. It feels like a second skin and the lockdown was amazing. The shoe does go TTS.


jc3 back shroud

jc3 back angle

All in all, i’m really excited to try these out. Hopefully they are better than the JC2.