Adidas D. Lillard 2 Performance Review


D. Lillard 2

Let’s start off by saying that at first, i wasn’t liking the shoe at all because of the fit. The fit was too long for my foot and it was pretty roomy in the toe area. BUT now, I really enjoy playing in these shoes.


The traction on the D lillard 2 is amazing. You stick to the floor like glue and there are not problems with slipping. The only slight problem is that the shoe does attract a good amount of dust so if you play on dusty courts (like the 24 hour fitness courts I play at) then you will find yourself wiping every 1-3 plays. The traction is also really squeaky so if you like that squeaky traction… you’re good.

The outsole consists of a herringbone traction with some sort of story telling traction. D lillard is from Oakland, CA so he wanted to put some hints of his hometown on his signature shoe.




The D. Lillard 2 uses Adidas’ new cushion called bounce cushion. It has a higher rubber content than most standard EVA or phylon midsoles allowing for more “bounce”. I’d have to say that it is pretty bouncy. While sprinting in this shoe, you can definately feel the bounciness of the cushion but also you feel low to the ground, and there is a lot of impact protection. While playing for a few hours at a time in these shoes my feet rarely got tired or even hurt. The feeling of the bounce cushion is kind of like boost but way more responsive and firm. Bounce is still soft though and the heel part of the shoe compresses the most because that’s where the thickest cut of the cushion is.

So, in conclusion, this cushion provides impact protection, is bouncy, and is low to the ground. You get the best of all of worlds here with this cushion.





The materials in these shoes are amazing. It uses a woven upper very similar to the Jordan xx9. It soft, malleable and supportive. There is no break in time at all for this upper and the material feels very nice on your feet. On the medial side of the shoe, there is a mesh material and there are also cuts of suede found on the edges of the shoe. Material wise, this shoe uses really nice materials that I was surprised to find in such a low priced shoe.






You have to go a half size down if you want a nice fit. It fit long on my foot and it was roomy in the toe area for me. I found that if I double sock, then the fit is much better. The shoe uses a techfit booty upper, meaning that the whole shoe is a techfit, one piece upper so there is a better fit for your foot. There’s also an achilles pillow which helps with containment and is also very comfortable on the back of the ankle. There is a normal TPU heel counter to help your foot feel locked in.





I would definitely recommend this shoe. For the $105 price tag, you have to cop this. It is a solid performer and this shoe excels in most of the categories that there is.