Adidas D. Rose 6 Performance Review


Adidas D. Rose 6 Performance Review

Here it is. The performance review of Derrick Rose’s 6th signature shoe.




Starting off with traction. The traction was amazing in this shoe. There is minimal wiping even when playing on dusty courts and you stop on a dime. There’s no slippage at all. The traction consists of a semi translucent oversized herringbone pattern. The rubber is on the soft side so I wouldn’t recommend playing in these outside. The traction is also not squeaky at all.




The cushion system that is used is a full length boost set up with stableframe in the middle of the midsole to add stability to the rather soft boost cushion. Boost feels amazing. It compresses a lot, its very soft, and there’s maximum impact protection. If you like soft mushy cushion then this shoe is a must. But if you like responsive and firm cushions, I wouldn’t recommend getting this shoe. The cushion is pretty responsive in the forefoot though so if you’re a guard, it should be fine. Also, walking around casually in this shoe is very comfortable because of the boost. Personally, I love the cushion set up but I can’t play in this everyday because i like firm cushions as well, like the Kyrie 2.




There are many different types of materials available for the D. Rose 6. Don and I tried the mesh and synthetic versions. At first, you’re disappointed in the materials because they’re very stiff, but if softens up after a few days of playing in it and it feels very nice on the foot. I can’t wait to try the primeknit version of the shoe.






The fit was really nice in this shoe. It wasn’t the best, like in the Curry 2 or the CFD 2 but it fit my foot pretty well. There was a little bit of dead space on top of my toes though. For support, there is a TPU heel counter and an ankle strap system that locks you in. The ankle support was really nice also but i found myself having to wear my ankle brace for extra protection. There was a little bit of heel slippage but it wasn’t that bad. Overall, the fit/support/lockdown are all good.





The ventilation in the mesh version was good. There’s really minimal airflow going through the shoe but my feet didn’t get hot. For the synthetic suede upper though, the ventilation was bad. The shoe was really hot for Don. So ventilation depends on what kind of upper material you get.


I think that this shoe would be durable. The materials are stiff and well made and if you play indoor, this shoe could probably last up to a year. Playing outside will definitely wear down the rubber quickly though.


Overall, this shoe is one of my favorite shoes to play in. If my feet and legs hurt and i want to give my joints a rest, i put on my D rose 6 because i can play for hours in them and not feel any fatigue. Like i said, the cushion is mushy feeling so if you like that then you wont enjoy the shoe. This shoe is very good to excellent in every category so for $140, i think you’re getting a very nice shoe for a good price.