Nike Lebron 13 Performance Review!


Nike Lebron 13 Performance Review

This is Lebron James’ 13th shoe and his second shoe to feature hexagonal zoom pods. Let’s go over the performance features of this shoe.


The Lebron 13 features an unusual traction pattern. It’s a multi-directional traction pattern but it has straight lines on the pods. The angle of the lines changes in each pod though providing multi-directional traction. The traction on these shoes was nice. The only problem was that the rubber attracted a good amount of dust so i found myself wiping a good amount on the shoe. Probably about every 1-3 plays. The rubber is hard so playing outdoors would probably be ok. The shoe is pretty squeaky so if you like that squeaky traction… then this is it.



The cushion in the Lebron 13 has the same kind of cushion as did the 12’s. It has hexagonal zoom pods. It looks like there are three pods in the fore foot, and a massive one in the heel. The cushion felt nice. There was plenty of bounce and impact protection. The only problem is that the zoom units protrude from the outsole so it always feels like you’re walking on something. You do get used to it a little bit after a while but i still didn’t like the feeling all that much. Can we just bring full length zoom back like in the Lebron 10 and 11?






The materials were my least favorite part of the shoe. It uses a lot of fuse and it felt too hard for my feet. It did break in but even after it broke in, it was still too supportive and hard. In the ankle part of the shoe, on the lateral side and the forefoot area, there are posite materials which add to the bulkiness and stiffness of the shoe. Lebron is a big powerful player, so he needs a lot of support but its just too much for my liking.






The fit was nice for my foot. For Don, not so much. Maybe they make the shoe wider as the size goes up? My size 7.5 was nice but his size 14 was really wide it seems like. Probably because Lebron’s foot is on the wide side and this shoe was made for him. I went true to size. The support on this shoe is very good. The posite materials and the stiff materials all helped with the overall support of the shoe. The lacing system of this shoe was very weird though. It was really hard to tighten the shoe because the laces wouldn’t grab onto the eyelets so it kept getting loose.





Ventilation wasn’t that good. There was really no airflow going through the shoe to cool down my foot so it got pretty hot in the shoe. It also wasn’t the hottest shoe ever though. Just pretty hot.


The Lebron 13 is overall a pretty good shoe. It’s a shoe that was built for a strong player that needs a lot of support. Although this wasn’t my favorite shoe to play in, I did enjoy playing in them. The cushion was bouncy, responsive, and had a lot of impact protection. The traction was good but i had to wipe frequently if dust was present. Fit/support/lockdown were all pretty good also. Is it worth the $200 price tag though? I don’t think so. I think there are a few other shoes you could get that are better in my opinion and not as expensive.