Under Armour Curry 2 Performance Review!


Under Armour Curry 2

This is the MVP, Stephen Curry’s second shoe with Under Armour. It’s really cool to see how big Under Armour has gotten after they signed Steph. This year was there best year yet because of his amazing season last year.


The traction on the Curry 2 features an aggressive looking, multi-directional herringbone pattern. The traction on this shoe is amazing. At first, it was really bad, but after playing in it for a few days, it broke in really nicely and the traction was excellent. The rubber is really soft so I wouldn’t recommend playing in these outdoors even though the rubber on the outsole is pretty thick. Also the rubber is squeaky so if you like squeaky traction… then this is it.





The cushion used in the Curry 2 is their fairly new charged foam. I don’t know why Under Armour moved away from using their micro g foam. I love micro g. Charged foam? Not so much. The charged foam is pretty dense so there’s really no bounce to it. It offers an ample amount of impact protection and court feel though. The good thing about the cushion though is that it’s very responsive so if you want to do something like a crossover, then the response time is very fast. But if you like the feeling of zoom and its bounciness, you wont get it with charged. The insole is very nice and plush. It feels almost like a memory foam and the step in comfort of the shoe is very nice.




The Curry 2 uses two types of materials. The first material used is their new speedform material, used in the back part of the shoe(the ankle collar). Its clothlike and its pretty soft and malleable. It’s really thin though.




In the front part of the shoe ( the toe area), they used a synthetic material. At first look, i didnt think the material was going to be nice but it broke in nicely and it even felt pretty soft after a while.



Overall, the materials are nice in this shoe.


The fit of this shoe is amazing. One of the best, if not THE best fitting shoe for me in the year 2015. The fit does go true to size. The width of the shoe was perfect for me also. The shoe is also very light so it feels very streamlined for my foot when i’m running in it.

Support and lockdown for this shoe is amazing also. The external TPU heel counter and the overall fit of the shoe all help with the support and lockdown of the shoe. My foot didn’t budge at all inside the shoe. Also the ankle support and protection was amazing in this shoe. I wore mine with an ankle brace and since the material in the ankle collar was thin, it wasn’t a bulky fit with the ankle brace on. But after i put on the ankle brace, I felt very safe and it felt like i couldnt roll my ankle at all. Without the ankle brace, the ankle protection wasn’t that nice though.

So, fit/support/lockdown were all excellent in the Curry 2’s.



Ventilation is pretty good. There are perforations in the upper but it does little to help with the airflow in the shoe. Although there wasn’t much airflow, my foot didnt get super hot in the shoe because the speedform material is so thin. It’s also a cloth like material so it absorbs moisture and it drys off after a while. So, although the ventilation wasn’t the best in the Curry 2, it wasn’t bad.



This shoe seems to be pretty durable. The rubber is soft so if you play outdoors, you’ll probably wear down the traction pretty quickly. Other than that, the synthetic material in the toe part of the shoe is in the high wear areas so it seems that the shoe will be durable. It’s a well made shoe and you cant tell from the first try on.



So overall, this is one of my favorite shoes of 2015. I felt really fast and explosive with this shoe because its so lightweight and the fit is so nice. If you’re a guard that’s looking for good traction, a great fit, and a very responsive shoe, then look no further. The Curry 2 should be the shoe that you cop.