Nike Kobe Mentality 2 Performance Review!


Nike Kobe Mentality 2

This is Kobe Bryant’s second rendition of his outdoor sneaker line. Let’s get right into the review of the kobe mentality 2!


Alright. Starting off with the traction. One word. AMAZING. It’s the same outsole as the Kobe mentality 1. It’s very similar to the kobe 9. That’s how good the traction is. If you play on a dusty court it’s all good because you rarely have to wipe on this shoe. You also stop very hard and fast. The traction is a straight ten on these. Also the rubber content is hard and thick so you can play with these shoes on outdoor courts. The traction is super squeaky so if you like squeaky traction…





The cushion in the Kobe Mentality 2 is a full length drop in lunarlon midsole. You get very good court feel. At first lunarlon feels soft but after playing a few months, lunarlon feels pretty dead. (coming from my experience in the Kobe 9). Lunarlon gives a little amount of impact protection and there really is no bounce to it. It is a responsive and low to the ground cushion so if you’re a guard looking for those traits in a cushion then this is a great shoe to pick up. For me, I didn’t enjoy it too much because I would get shin splints from the lack of impact protection.





The Kobe Mentality 2 uses Nike’s fairly new material, flyweave. Comparing it to the flyweave used in the KD 8, the Kobe Mentality’s flyweave is not as soft. It even feels a little plastic, like there was a little bit of fuse used inside the strands. To add to that, it feels less premium than the KD 8 flyweave but its not that bad. I’d take the Mentality 2 flyweave over hyperfuse any day. It does feel pretty nice on the foot and it get’s soft when you break them in. It just doesn’t get as soft as a woven upper.Still a nice material though.






Fit is extremely nice in this shoe. There is no dead space in the toe and the size of the shoe was just perfect for my foot. Go TTS in these. Lockdown was nice also because the fit was so nice. My foot didn’t move at all on the foot bed and my foot was locked down no matter what kind of move I did while playing basketball. Support is also very nice. Since the material is very sturdy, my foot felt well supported in the shoe.



One thing that did bother me though is the tab in the back. They made it too long so I felt that piece digging into my achilles. Not super bad but when I bent my ankle all the way back, it was super uncomfortable.




Durability seems to be nice in these. The rubber content is very hard and the fuse overlays on the upper help to keep the shoe from tearing too quickly from toe drags and what not.




Ventilation was good. The material doesn’t really allow for any airflow to go through the shoe but since the material is a textile, it does absorb moisture which dries off making the shoe cooler.



Overall, I would definitely recommend this shoe. Especially for the price. It’s only $100 and you’re getting a very nice shoe. The Kobe Mentality 2 reminds me a lot of the Kobe 9. Also another good thing about the shoe is how light it is and how minimal it feels on your foot. When playing basketball, I didn’t have to worry about my shoes, all I did was play basketball.