Adidas Boost Cushion vs. Bounce Cushion!


Boost is amazing. It’s super soft, comfortable, and has a ton of impact protection. I’ll use the D. Rose 6 as the example for performance basketball. The heel compresses a lot but it doesn’t have a lot of bounce or responsive to it. That’s the downside of boost. If you want a lot of responsiveness, bounce or court feel, you can’t really get it from boost without cutting the feeling of boost out of the shoe. I mainly use boost or the D. Rose 6 as a recovery shoe when I want to give my feet, legs, and joints a break from high impact landings that comes from playing basketball.




Bounce cushioning on the other hand is best described as a firmer boost. It’s actually bouncy. You get a good amount of court feel, impact protection, and bounciness which is amazing. The only other cushion I’ve ever felt that gives you all of these traits is Jetlon from Brandblack. The bounce is not as pronounced as Nike zoom but you can still feel it and I really like how it feels.




Personally, I like the feeling of bounce cushioning better than boost. For this matter, it all comes down to personal preference and what you like to feel while playing basketball. If you like soft cushion and you need a lot of impact protection, then i would go with boost. If you like a cushion where you get court feel, impact protection, and bounciness, then you should go with bounce.