Nike Chuckposite Performance Review!

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Nike Chuckposite Performance Review

The Nike Chuckposite is a shoe Nike designed in honor of Charles Barkley with a futuristic aesthetic and heavy usage of Nike’s Hyperposite material. Don tested the Cave Purple color way of the shoe. Does this shoe have the extreme performance to match its extreme design? The Sole Brothers bring you an in depth performance review of the Nike Chuckposite to answer all of your questions.

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The Nike Chuckposite features a translucent outsole with two pieces of solid rubber in the middle. The solid rubber is pretty soft and has a herringbone traction pattern with shallow grooves. The translucent part of the outsole has thick lines in a geometric pattern arranged in triangular shapes. The solid rubber pieces provided good grip, but the translucent areas were not as good. The combination of the two provided decent grip. The outsole does attract a lot of dust, but after wiping or on a clean court, the traction is really nice. Don was not a huge fan of the traction, so the Sole Brothers give the Chuckposite’s traction a rating of 7/10.


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We are not entirely sure about the exact tech specs on the Chuckposite, but the info we can find says that the midsole is full length Lunarlon. The side of the shoe does say Zoom air, but it is unclear if the forefoot has any Zoom (Don said if there is a Zoom unit in the forefoot, he can’t feel it). Don did say he could feel some decent compression and response in the heel, so there is probably a Zoom unit in the heel. The forefoot feels firm and provides good court feel. Don was not overly fond of the cushion in the Chuckposite,  but he said it is not a bad setup. Overall, the Sole Brothers give the cushion in the Chuckposite a rating of 8/10.


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The materials are, to quote the eloquent poet Don, “totally bananas!” The Chuckposite’s upper utilizes full length Hyperposite with a one bootie construction with material that looks and feels like neoprene with a mesh overlay. The materials in the Chuckposite are premium, the shoe featuring the level of attention to detail on par with a work of art. The tongue has a detailed logo of Charles Barkley and Hyperposite pieces for detail and texture. The mid foot shank looks to be made of carbon fibre overlaid with a hard plastic. All of this attention to detail gives the shoe a premium feel with regards to the quality of the shoe. When it comes to how the materials are implemented and how they perform, let’s see what Don had to say about it. Don described the Hyperposite upper as very stiff, taking a long time to break in. The shoe does feel super strong and sturdy, ideal for a big man. Don didn’t love the upper on the Chuckposite, it did however exceed his expectations and felt okay after breaking it in. The Sole Brothers give the materials a rating of 7/10.


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The Chuckposite fits amazingly. The fit has a premium, comfortable feel thanks to its one bootie construction and quality materials. The shoe also provided excellent lockdown, due to the fit and the impressive lacing system. When the top laces are tightened, the laces tighten all the way down to the bottom, providing a consistent fit and lockdown. The lacing locks in your foot snugly, and is easy to use. The Chuckposite also provides excellent support. Don said he felt safe and supported in the shoe, and that it provides good ankle protection. He did say, however, that if you have a history of ankle injuries, then you should wear ankle braces as well, since no shoe can fully support and protect your ankles. The Chuckposite provides excellent fit/support/lockdown, and the Sole Brothers give it a rating of 9/10.


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Ventilation, Durability, and Aesthetics

To be brief, ventilation in this shoe does not exist. The Hyperposite upper is solid and not breathable at all, the Chuckposite earns a rating of 3/10 for ventilation. Due to the solid Hyperposite upper, the Chuckposite is extremely durable. The thing is a tank! The only area where durability is a question is the outsole. The rubber on the solid pieces is rather soft and the grooves are shallow, so it may not be durable if you play outdoors. The Sole brothers give the durability an impressive rating of 9/10. Don is not a huge fan of the shoe’s aesthetic. He likes the idea of its design, but wouldn’t want to wear it. In my opinion, I think it looks awesome, I would rock that on the court. It might be a bit too extreme and flashy to wear casually, but I love the way the Chuckposite looks. The Sole Brothers give the aesthetics of the Chuckposite a rating of 8/10.

The Nike Chuckposite is a shoe that really exceeded expectations. Don was quite impressed and enjoyed playing in them. He thought they would be really heavy and cumbersome. Even though the shoe is a bit heavy, it didn’t feel as clunky and cumbersome as Don expected. The Nike Chuckposite is a quality shoe, definitely made for a big man. The shoe originally retailed at $260, to which Don said, “for $260 you can go f@#! yourself.” Don copped it for $70, which is worth the money. The Chuckposite is a crazy shoe that performs quite well on the court, but is not without its flaws. The Sole Brothers do recommend the Nike Chuckposite, but probably only for big men. Tell us what you think about the Chuckposite below in the comments and check out the rating breakdown and the Sole Brother’s Performance Review video below.

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