Top 5 Nike Shoes! (May 2016)

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Top 5 Nike Shoes

Today the Sole Brothers will be bringing you our top 5 recent Nike basketball shoes. Don and Sammy will both give their own top 5, so you will have different perspectives on which Nike shoes have performed the best on the court. Be sure to tell us what your favorite shoe is and find out if your favorite made our list.

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5. Lebron Soldier 9 (Sammy)

The Lebron Soldier 9 is a great all around shoe. The traction, fit, and lockdown are amazing. The cushion is decent, Sammy couldn’t feel the Zoom units, but the cushion is very responsive. The Nike Lebron Soldier 9 is a good shoe, but is not necessarily a go-to shoe.

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5. Air Max Audacity (Don)

The Nike Air Max Audacity is a budget model from Nike, and Don tested the Anthony Davis All Star PE. The Air Max cushion gives good impact protection and the Phylon in the forefoot provides good responsiveness. The upper is very nice, the materials are durable and provide good support and lockdown. The Nike Air Max Audacity is a solid performer and is versatile enough for a wide range of players from guards to bigs to enjoy.

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4. Hyperlive (Sammy)

The Hyperlive is a low top budget model from Nike. The Hyperlive feels light, you hardly even notice that you are wearing it. The traction is phenomenal, but it does attract a dust a little bit, so some wiping is necessary. The fit in this shoe is amazing and the upper has a nice, soft feel.


4. Jordan Melo M12 (Don)

Melo’s 12th signature shoe with Jordan is a good shoe all around. The shoe fits very well and has a plush, comfortable feel. The Zoom Air unit in the forefoot is noticeable and provides you with a nice bounce, good impact protection, and still provides a lot of responsiveness. The M12’s mesh upper is made with quality materials. The Jordan Melo M12 is a budget friendly signature model that performs pretty well on the court.

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3. Jordan XXX (Sammy)

Sammy really enjoyed the Jordan XXX, but a few flaws held it back from being higher up on his list. The heel to toe transition felt clunky and not as fluid as other shoes. The traction in the shoe is really good as well as the materials. The support and lockdown are awesome. Sammy thought the cushion was alright, he couldn’t feel the Zoom unit in the forefoot, but the Jordan XXX was responsive and provided good impact protection.

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3. Kyrie 2 (Don)

The Kyrie 2 is a bang for your buck signature made for Kyrie Irving by Nike. The traction, which is the shoe’s main selling point, is awesome. The traction pattern is one of, if not the best on the market, the rubber is good, and the outsole curvature is what makes the Kyrie 2’s traction special. The cushion in the Kyrie 2 is not special, it is very stiff (Don has described it as concrete). The upper was not Don’s favorite, but the traction in the Kyrie 2 is so good that it makes up for its other flaws and is worth playing in.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.57.36 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-09 at 10.57.20 PM

2. KD8 Elite (Sammy)

The Elite playoff edition of Kevin Durant’s 8th signature shoe by Nike greatly improves upon the original, which Sammy did not like. The KD8 Elite does not feel as tight as the original, but still fits pretty narrowly. The traction is nice, but the translucent outsole does attract dust and causes you to slip some. The cushion is amazing, the full length Zoom Air is a little stiffer than in the original, but it gives good impact protection and bounce. The compression sock on the upper gives you nice ankle compression and lockdown, but is not supportive per se. Overall the KD8 Elite is a very nice shoe that performs much better than its predecessor.

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2. Kobe 11 EM (Don)

The Kobe 11 Elite was a miss for the Sole Brothers because the traction was terrible. The Kobe 11 EM improves on that by utilizing a solid rubber outsole that performs amazingly. The shoe feels super light and minimal to the point that you do not realize that the shoe is there at all. Don never had to wipe, did not get blisters, did not feel the weight of the shoe, and experienced excellent responsiveness from the Kobe 11 EM.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.21.08 AM (2)Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.21.27 AM (2)

1. Kyrie 2 (Sammy)

At first, Sammy did not like the Kyrie 2, but as he played in it some more, he grew to love it. There is nothing wrong with this shoe other than the cushion, which is very stiff and Sammy did not like it. The materials used are okay, but not great. This shoe is very responsive and has the best traction on the market.

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1. Jordan XXX (Don)

The Jordan XXX is a really awesome shoe. What Don likes about it is that the fit is pretty narrow, which works well for his feet. The traction is off the charts amazing, the Zoom unit was nice and bouncy, the upper is very nice, and the lockdown is the best out of any shoe on the market. The Jordan XXX did feel a little clunky, but the shoe is still Don’s favorite.

Did your favorite Nike shoe make the list? Let us know if your favorite made our list or if it did not. Check out The Sole Brothers Top 5 Nike Shoes video below, and check out the performance reviews for all of these Nike shoes by clicking the links in the article.