Top 5 Adidas Shoes of 2016! (May)

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Top 5 Adidas Shoes of 2016

Previously, we brought you our Top 5 Nike Shoes of 2016, so today we will discuss The Sole Brothers’ Top 5 Adidas Shoes of 2016. Adidas has been on a roll lately, with the quality and performance of their shoes rising rapidly. Let us know what your favorite on court Adidas shoes are in the comment section below.

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5. Crazylight Boost 2015

The Adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 is a shoe that The Sole Brothers did not enjoy at all. The primary reason it even made out list is that Adidas does not have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to basketball shoes. There are some good things about the Adidas Crazylight Boost 2015, such as the thick slice of Boost in the heel. The Boost cushion was very soft and felt nice. The traction in the shoe was also a highlight. The Adiprene Plus “cushion” in the forefoot sucks, even though it is very responsive. The Adidas Crazylight Boost 2015 did not fit very well mostly due the fact that Adidas used quality materials ineffectively. Other people have mentioned in the comments that they liked the shoe, so that is another reason we did include it in our list. We hope that the Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 will be a huge improvement, what we have seen so far looks promising.

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4. D Rose 773 IV

The main flaw with the Adidas D Rose 773 IV is the hideous name. That being said, it is a good performer on the court, which is all that really matters. The Bounce cushion is amazing, the traction is good, the shoe fits well, and looks kind of cool. The rubber on the outsole is pretty soft, so it would not be durable if you play outdoors. One point against the D Rose 773 IV is the synthetic leather upper. The leather adds weight, break in time, and bulk to the shoe that, if changed to a mesh or jacquard, would fix the problem.

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3. Light Em’ Up 2

The Adidas Light Em Up 2 is an amazing budget model shoe from Adidas. The shoe was originally priced at $80, but Adidas is selling it for $66 on their website, and considering how awesome the shoe is, that is highway robbery! The Light Em Up 2 features full length Bounce cushion which feels nice (softer than the bounce in the D Lillard 2) and has a good bounce to it. The traction is awesome, but the rubber is super soft so it will not be a good outdoor shoe. The shoe fits really well with its burrito style upper. The upper is comfortable and locks your foot in nicely. This shoe is a major bang for your buck, even at full retail.

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2. D Rose 6

The Adidas D Rose 6 is Derrick Rose’s 6th signature shoe, and it is amazing! The midsole is full length Boost (!!) which feels amazing, particularly in the heel. The outsole is semi translucent and it performs really well with minimal wiping. The Adidas D Rose 6 utilizes a variety of different materials for the upper, and the different materials do affect the performance. The Primeknit is okay, but disappointing, the suede gets very hot, the synthetic leather is synthetic leather, and the best bed is the engineered mesh version. The Sole Brothers loved this shoe at first, but over time that love faded. The D Rose 6 is still a good shoe, but we don’t find ourselves wanting to play in them too often, mostly as a recovery shoe. The shoe feels a tad bulky, and for Sammy and Don, the heel compresses too much and the fit can be hard to get right (tie too tight and your foot goes numb, too loose and you get zero support and lockdown). Though it is not perfect, the Adidas D Rose 6 is an amazing shoe. especially when you consider how much tech you get for only $140.

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1. D Lillard 2

If you keep up with the Sole Brothers, this should not be at all surprising. This shoe is one of our favorites, and for many reasons. The Bounce midsole is amazing, the traction is phenomenal, if you have the jacquard upper the fit is great and it’s light and strong, and the neoprene bootie provides a nice fit with awesome lockdown. The D Lillard 2 is one of the best looking shoes on the market today (especially Don’s blackout!) The only negative to the Adidas D Lillard 2 is that it is a low top, so you get zilcho ankle support. If the D Lillard 2 was the height of the Curry 2, this shoe would be perfect.

If you agreed or disagreed with our rankings of the Top 5 Adidas Shoes let us know in the comments and check out the Sole Brothers discussion below.