Under Armour Curry 2.5 First Impressions!

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Under Armour Curry 2.5 First Impressions!

The updated playoff version of Stephen Curry’s signature shoe with Under Armour. The Curry 2.5 is a similar release to Nike’s Elite lineup. Nike releases its Elite line of signature shoes around the time of the NBA Playoffs, these Elite releases feature some tweaks and enhancements to the shoes for the players. Under Armour has done something similar with the Curry 2, adding some new features and christening it the Curry 2.5. The timing of this release is somewhat odd. It is not odd that Under Armour is releasing a playoff version of the Curry 2, it is weird that this shoe is coming out when the Curry 3 seems like it will release within the next couple of months. The Curry 2.5 however, is far more visually appealing than the Curry 3 (Don wants a blackout Curry 2.5 of course!). Sammy copped a pair of Curry 2.5’s (Don is injured so he didn’t get them yet) and told us his first impressions of the shoe.

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The traction on the Curry 2.5 is the exact same setup as the Curry 2, the only change being that on Sammy’s colorway the outsole was a yellow translucent rubber. The midsole is unchanged as well, utilizing the same Charged foam setup as before. The insole, however, has changed. The Curry 2 used a Speedform insole sown into the shoe, while the Curry 2.5 features a drop in Micro G insole. The new cushion provides good impact protection and good responsiveness, but it does not provide a lot of bounce. The upper is a burrito style similar to the Adidas Light Em Up 2. The upper is where the Curry 2.5 makes the most significant deviations from the Curry 2. The upper seems to be a mesh/textile with a plastic and/or rubber cage for stability and support. The upper seems to be very soft but also supportive since the plastic does not stretch. There also is a neoprene like material on the medial side that also appears to go under the plastic cage on the lateral side. Sammy did say that the shoe has a couple of issues, the first being that the shoe is annoying to tie and there is no ventilation. Sammy also mentioned that he anticipated that this shoe would have issues with lockdown in the  Achilles area, but the shoe does not seem to have this problem. Sammy also said that he went a 1/2 size larger than his foot since that was all that was available, and he said the shoe fit very well. So far, the Sole Brothers are a fan of this shoe and we will deliver you a detailed Performance Review of the Curry 2.5 in the coming weeks.

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