Curry 2 VS Kyrie 2 VS D Lillard 2!

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Curry 2 VS Kyrie 2 VS D Lillard 2!

Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas all produce quality basketball shoes for various types of players, and today we pit their best shoes for point guards against each other. This three way death match will see the Nike Kyrie 2, Adidas D Lillard 2, and Under Armour Curry 2 go toe to toe to see which one is the best. The way this three way contest will work is that the shoes will be ranked in each category, Don and Sammy will tell us what their conclusions are and which one they pick to be the winner, and then I will compare that to the on paper results from the rankings to see if there is a match. These three are some of our favorite point guard focused shoes and all three of these shoes perform well on the court ensuring that the results will be tight.




3. D Lillard 2
The traction on the D Lillard 2 is really nice, but it does attract dust so wiping is necessary. The rubber is soft and the grooves are thin, so the outsole is not durable enough for outdoor play. The traction for the D Lillard 2 ranks 3rd outdoors as well.

2. Curry 2
The Curry 2 also performs very well on the court, and also attracts some dust. The Curry 2 is probably the best shoe outdoors out of these three.

1. Kyrie 2
The Kyrie 2 easily has the best traction of the three, but that does not mean the D Lillard 2 and Curry 2 are slouches. The Kyrie 2 does not attract dust and requires minimal if any wiping. What sets the Kyrie 2 above the others is the design of the outsole. The Kyrie 2 has an outsole that wraps around the side of the shoe, providing excellent traction during cuts and crossovers and a large pivot point in the forefoot. The Kyrie 2 has thick grooves and we rank it 2nd for outdoor use.

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3. Kyrie 2
This should come as a surprise to no one if you frequent this site or watch The Sole Brothers channel. The Kyrie 2’s cushion is made of Phylon aka concrete. There is supposedly a Zoom unit, but Don and Sammy couldn’t feel it at all. The Kyrie 2’s cushion is very stiff and provides little to no impact protection or bounce.

2. Curry 2 
The Curry 2 features full length Charged foam, which when it breaks in does feel pretty nice. Essentially the Curry 2’s cushion is a slightly softer concrete than the Kyrie 2.

1. D Lillard 2
The D Lillard 2 features a thick slab of Adidas’s Bounce cushion. Bounce cushion seems to be an ideal cushion for a basketball shoe, as it has excellent impact protection, good responsiveness, and feels pretty bouncy. The Adidas D Lillard 2 wins the cushion category unanimously.


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.21.08 AM (2)Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 10.21.22 AM


3. Kyrie 2
The Nike Kyrie 2 features a Hyperfuse upper that is pretty stiff. The Sole Brothers are simply not a fan of the Kyrie 2’s upper.

2. Curry 2
The Curry 2 utilizes Under Armour’s Speedform textile from the heel to the mid foot, and it uses a synthetic material on the forefoot. The Curry 2’s upper would have been better if it utilized full length Speedform.

1. D Lillard 2
The D Lillard 2, depending on the color way, features several different materials. The Sole Brothers, when discussing the D Lillard 2, use the best of the D Lillard 2’s upper materials, the jacquard textile. The jacquard upper is soft but also supportive and light. The D Lillard 2 also features a Neoprene tech fit bootie, which feels very nice around the foot.



For this VS discussion, the Sole Brothers have actually broken down what is usually one composite category in our performance reviews into three separate categories. For the sake of brevity, we will not discuss these in detail, for a more detailed look at how these shoes perform, check out their performance reviews (linked above).

3. D Lillard 2 (little roomy in the toe, Don had some slipping in the heel)
2. Kyrie 2
1. Curry 2

3. D Lillard 2 (low top, so no ankle support)
2. Kyrie 2
1. Curry 2 (decent ankle support, very good with ankle braces)

2. D Lillard 2 (some slipping in the heel)
1.Kyrie 2 (tie)
1. Curry 2 (tie)


Ventilation and Durability

3. Kyrie 2
2. Curry 2
1. D Lillard 2

3. Curry 2 (the glue work on the traction has been known to fail, synthetic upper has durability issues)
2. D Lillard 2 (traction is soft, probably not super durable)
1. Kyrie 2 (upper is strong and stiff, traction has thick grooves and should be quite durable)



All three of these shoes look dope, but the Sole Brothers agree that the D Lillard 2 looks the best off court, so these rankings will be based on which one looks best on the court.

3. D Lillard 2

2. Kyrie 2

1. Curry 2


Results and Breakdown

Before diving into Don and Sammy’s final thoughts, let’s compare the prices of these shoes. The Adidas D Lillard 2 retails at $105, the Nike Kyrie 2 costs $120, and the Under Armour Curry 2 costs $130. All three of these shoes are pretty inexpensive, especially the D Lillard 2.

Don said that his first choice out of the three would be the D Lillard 2, because cushion is very important to him. His runner up was the Curry 2 due to the incredible fit. His final option was the Kyrie 2, but Don was quick to point out that the Kyrie 2 is a great shoe with amazing traction, but the cushion and other factors place it a bit lower than the others. Sammy couldn’t decide since he loves all three and uses each of them in different situations, so he went with what Don said. After going through the results of the categories and tallying up how many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place spots each shoe earned, we can now compare what Don and Sammy thought with the results of the individual categories. I will assign 2 points for each 1st place finish, 1 point for each 2nd place finish, and .5 points for each 3rd place finish. I will point out that this is based strictly on positional finishes in each category, and that for each player the different categories will carry more weight (for example, Don places a lot of weight on cushion).

3. Kyrie 2 (10.5 points)
1st place: 3
2nd place: 3
3rd place: 3

2. D Lillard 2 (11 points)
1st place: 3
2nd place: 4
3rd place: 2

1. Curry 2 (12.5 points)
1st place: 4 (tied in 1 category)
2nd place: 4 (tied in 1 category)
3rd place: 1

Don (and by way of indecision Sammy) picked the D Lillard 2, which makes sense since Don heavily prioritizes cushion and the D Lillard 2 had the best cushion of the three. If you are a player that favors traction and having a soft cushion is not as important, you may end up choosing the Kyrie 2 or Curry 2. No matter which area you find to be most important, you cannot go wrong with any of these awesome shoes. Let us know what you think in the comments and watch Don and Sammy discuss this epic matchup below.

3 way breakdown