Adidas Ball 365 Initial Thoughts!

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Adidas Ball 365 Initial Thoughts

Adidas is going to drop a new line of performance basketball shoes called the Ball 365. Even though the name is pretty cheesy, this lineup looks like it will perform pretty well. The 365 in the name is meant to communicate that these shoes are good all year, inside or outside, summer or winter. Adidas has implemented their Climacool technology in the upper to keep your feet cool when it is hot, and apparently they will also be using their Climawarm tech to keep your feet warm when it is cold. All of the shoes in the Adidas Ball 365 lineup will use Continental rubber and the same traction pattern as the upcoming Crazylight Boost 2016. The midsole will utilize full length Adidas Bounce cushion, which we are very excited about! The upper will be a one piece mesh construction with what looks like either a synthetic or plastic section on the heel with raised studs to add accessories (more on this in a minute). The Ball 365 lineup is slated for a mid-June release and will retail between $120 – 160.

The three shoes in this lineup are the Ball 365 Low, Ball 365, and Ball 365 X (a high top). The Ball 365 Low is the most minimal of the lineup, it has the same area on the heel as the other shoes, which suggests Adidas may make some attachment that can be used to add customizable features to the shoe.

The Ball 365 is a mid top shoe which is basically the exact same as the Low, but higher. The Ball 365 does have one additional feature besides height that the Low does not, a mid foot strap that attaches to the plastic/synthetic area of the heel. This is, in my opinion, the most interesting aspect of this lineup, the fact that Adidas has made accessories (this mid foot strap for the mid and a shroud for the high top) in order to provide an additional feature for the shoe. Hopefully Adidas will come up with more attachments for these shoes so that players can customize the performance of the shoes to suit his/her needs.

The Ball 365 X is a high top version, and it has all of the same tech as the Low and mid, but it comes with a shroud that wraps around the foot and attaches to the plastic/synthetic area of the heel. My guess is that this shroud is what Adidas means when it claims to implement Climacool and Climawarm technologies in the shoe, I think the upper features Climacool and this shroud thing (which you can take off of the shoe if it is warm outside) is made using their Climawarm tech. The shroud thing for the Ball 365 X makes the shoe look kind of weird, Don and Sammy are not fans, but the more times I look at it, the more I think that with the right color ways it could be pretty dope. No official images from Adidas have come out displaying the Ball 365 X without the shroud, but I did find one on Google that I will show you down below. With the shroud removed and the true silhouette of the Ball 365 X unveiled, I am pleased to report that beneath the weirdness is one cool looking shoe. The color ways in the press photos are not that great, but I found a color way of the Ball 365 that looks pretty nice. Overall, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about Adidas’s Ball 365 lineup, the three shoes feature some quality tech, crazy new features with a lot of potential, and different silhouettes to suit the needs of a wide variety of players. Tell us what you think in the comments down below, check out the images of the shoe below, and watch Don and Sammy discuss the Ball 365 lineup in their Initial Thoughts video.

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