Adidas D Rose 7 Updated Pics and Info!


Adidas D Rose 7 Updated Pics and Info

New images and supposed details have surfaced of the Adidas D Rose 7. We previously covered some of the early leaked images, and the Sole Brothers have discussed the highly anticipated upcoming release. Since then, more detailed images and information about the D Rose 7 have come out. The images reveal some awesome looking, yet simple (good thing) color ways, and a traction pattern that looks absolutely amazing. One source reported that the D Rose 7 will debut with 2 options for materials, an engineered mesh priced at $140, and a Primeknit version priced at $160. The D Rose 7 is supposedly slated for an August 1 release with 3 color ways. What makes this information somewhat odd is the bit about the materials. In theory, these options are awesome, but in more detailed images that have surfaced, it seems to be inaccurate. That source provided a graphic depicting the color ways set to release from its debut in August until October. On that graphic the prices of the individual color ways is also listed. The strange thing is that all three of the color ways that they claim will be debut color ways are priced at $140, so according to their info, these debut color ways are all supposed to be engineered mesh uppers. More detailed images reveal that, unless this new engineered mesh looks strikingly similar to Primeknit, the uppers are made of Primeknit rather than EM. Although the prospect of having EM and Primeknit D Rose 7s sounded awesome, it seems that for now that rumor is false. The D Rose 7, as far as we can tell, will exclusively feature a Primeknit upper.

We are still super excited about this shoe! The Boost cushion is uncaged, the Primeknit upper looks sexy, the silhouette looks dope, and the traction pattern looks like it could stop a Cheetah running full speed on a dime. Check out these updated images below, obtained from Sole Collector, The Shoe Game, and two posts from Weartesters. Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out the Don and Sammy’s Initial Thoughts about the Adidas D Rose 7.

3 possible color ways


The graphic depicting release info for the D Rose 7 and tech specs