Under Armour Curry 2 VS Under Armour Curry 2.5!

2.5 v 2

Under Armour Curry 2 VS Under Armour Curry 2.5

With Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors in prime position to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, it seems only fitting that the Sole Brothers bring you another entry in the VS series, this time matching up the Under Armour Curry 2 VS the Under Armour Curry 2.5. The Curry 2.5 is the suped up playoff edition of the Curry 2. Anytime that a company makes a supposedly better version of a shoe for the playoffs, it is interesting to see whether or not they actually improve upon the shoe rather than just make it different. How does the Curry 2.5 compare to the already awesome Curry 2? Let’s get started with the traction.

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The Curry 2 and 2.5 are essentially the same shoe from the midsole down. They both use the same traction pattern on the outsole. The Curry 2.5 uses a translucent outsole which is the same used on select colorways of the Curry 2. The traction in both shoes performs similarly, which is to say that they both perform incredibly well. The only flaw that these outsoles have is that they attract dust and require frequent wiping, although Sammy says that he had to wipe a little bit less in the Curry 2.5. These outsoles are very squeaky and provide an excellent traction that helps you stop hard and fast. There is very little difference between these two outsoles, so the Sole Brothers give these shoes a tie in this category.
Winner: Tie

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The midsoles in both the Curry 2 and Curry 2.5 are full length Charged foam. The only difference in the cushioning system is that the Curry 2.5 adds a Micro G insole which feels very nice and plush, but at the same time makes it difficult to feel the Charged midsole. This is not a huge problem though, since you have to play very hard in order to really feel the Charged cushion anyways. The changed up cushioning system in the Curry 2.5 is overall not bad. The Curry 2 and 2.5 earn a tie in the cushion category, but Sammy did say that if he had to choose one he would choose the Curry 2, but that the difference is so slight that it made more sense to call it a tie.
Winner: Tie

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The Curry 2 uses a synthetic material in the forefoot and Speedform from the midfoot to the heel and features a full tongue. The Curry 2.5 features a molded synthetic mostly on the medial side and upper half, and a mesh overlaid with rubber/plastic lines and a burrito style shape/fit. The Curry 2 wins the materials category, since Sammy and Don do not like burrito style uppers, and it was hard to evaluate the materials without factoring in other categories such as weight, ventilation, etc. Sammy did point out that he liked the Curry 2.5’s usage of the materials in the forefoot area more than the Curry 2.
Winner: Curry 2

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The Curry 2 is one of the Sole Brothers’ favorite shoes when it comes to how the shoe fits. The fit is about as close to perfection as you can get. The Curry 2.5 is basically equally well fitting. The only difference being that the Micro G insole takes up additonal space in the shoe, but since Sammy went up 1/2 of a size (since his true size was sold out) the Curry 2.5 fit perfectly. The Sole Brothers give these shoes a tie in the fit category, just remember to either try on the Curry 2.5 before buying or go up 1/2 of a size.
Winner: Tie


The Curry 2.5’s burrito style upper can cause problems with support. When Sammy wore his ankle brace, it made the burrito tongue stick out which eliminated any ankle support that the upper could provide. The Curry 2 is the more supportive shoe than the Curry 2.5, which sounds strange since the upper on the Curry 2.5 was meant to be stronger and more rigid, but nonetheless the Curry 2 takes the win for supportivness. (Sammy said in the video that the Curry 2 won, but the breakdown at the end and down below shows a tie, this was an error, the Curry 2 took the win for support)
Winner: Curry 2


Both of these shoes provide excellent lockdown, so they easily tie in the lockdown category.
Winner: Tie

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The Curry 2 wins handily over the 2.5. The Curry 2.5 is one of the hottest shoes Sammy has ever tested, since the materials are not breathable and there are no ventilation holes.
Winner: Curry 2


The Curry 2 has had some durability issues, Sammy had issues with his BHM colorway and many others have informed us of other issues with the upper. The Curry 2.5 uses some seriously strong materials on the upper, the reinforced mesh looks to be particularly strong.
Winner: Curry 2.5


Both the Curry 2 and the Curry 2.5 are dope looking shoes. If you compare them in similar colorways, the slight edge goes to the Curry 2 since the 2.5 looks bulkier in person. Sam like the Curry 2 better, and since Don agrees that it is slightly better looking (since it doesn’t look as bulky), the Curry 2 wins.
Winner: Curry 2

The Curry 2 costs $130 and the Curry 2.5 costs $135, either of which is a very good value. When comparing the weight of the shoes, things get interesting. Sammy’s Curry 2.5’s (size 8) weighed in at 13.26 ounces, while his pair of Curry 2’s (size 7.5) weighed in 12.06 ounces, a difference of 1.2 ounces. Sammy’s pair of 2.5’s is also half of a size larger, so factoring that in, these shose are both light and even though the Curry 2.5 looks and feels bulkier, it is not that much heavier. The Under Armour Curry 2 2 does take the win overall, but the Curry 2.5 is still a very good shoe. If you need a bit more cushion and a stronger, more durable shoe, then the Curry 2.5 may be the shoe for you, but it still does not beat the original Curry 2.

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