Nike Kyrie 2 VS Under Armour Curry 2.5

kyrie v curry 2.5

Nike Kyrie 2 VS Under Armour Curry 2.5

While Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry do battle on the court in the NBA Finals, the Sole Brothers put their signature shoes in battleground of our VS series, where we pit basketball shoes against each other in various categories to see which sneaker is the best. Will Kyrie Irving’s 2nd signature shoe be able to stand against the playoff version of the reigning 2 time MVP Steph Curry? Find out which will win the matchup between the Nike Kyrie 2 VS the Under Armour Curry 2.5.

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Let’s just come right out and state the obvious, the Kyrie 2 has the better traction setup. The Kyrie 2’s traction is insane, with a piviot point, the outsole curvature to maintain grip during hard cuts, thick grooves, increadible rubber content, excellent durability, and no wiping. The Kyrie 2’s traction simply cannot be beaten by anything other than a perfect traction. The Curry 2.5 is no slouch, however. Its translucent outsole grips very well and lets you stop hard and fast, its achilles heel is that it attracts dust, requiring wiping every 3-5 plays.
Winner: Kyrie 2

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The midsole in the Kyrie 2 is a concrete injected Phylon foam with a Zoom unit buried so deeply that no one other than Shaq would be able to feel it. The Kyrie 2’s “cushion” does deliver the ultimate responsiveness and great court feel with absolutley zero impact protection. The Charged foam midsole in the Curry 2.5 is a fairly good cushion, but not the best out there. The Charged cushion is very responsive, provides good impact protection, but is not very bouncy unless you are going at a Russell Westbrook level of intensity. The Curry 2.5 does feature an Ortholite insole, which feels very nice and plush. Sammy mentioned that he wishes Under Armour’s Charged foam compressed more to provide more impact protection, as that would make a decent midsole awesome. Although the Curry 2.5 does not have the best cushion, it does beat the Kyrie 2 by a lot.
Winner: Curry 2.5

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The Curry 2.5 utilizes a polyurethane shell overlaying a mesh material and a molded synthetic material that is very plush and padded. The PU shell is very sturdy and durable. The Kyrie 2’s materials are stiff, solid, and provide good support. The upper is constructed out of a fuse and mesh which is a decent setup. The Kyrie 2 has a strap for added lockdown and the mesh section on the heel feels nice. Without factoring in other categories and focusing strictly on the materials, the Curry 2.5 is the winner.
Winner: Curry 2.5

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Due to the stiffness of the Kyrie 2’s upper, the shoe feels a little abrasive until it is broken in, so the fit is a bit uncomfortable at first. The Curry 2.5 fits just as amazingly as the Curry 2, but since it does add an insole, it is recommended that you go up 1/2 of a size. It should also be noted that if you wear an ankle brace with the Curry 2.5, the burrito upper no longer fits as it should which messes up the lockdown and support.
Winner: Curry 2.5


Due to the issues mentioned above with the Curry 2.5 when wearing an ankle brace, the Kyrie 2 takes the win here. The Curry 2.5 cannot protect your ankle as well when wearing an ankle brace, so it loses in that regard. The Kyrie 2 is a very supportive shoe when wearing a brace. Coupling the good fit and strap on the Kyrie 2, adding an ankle brace makes this a very supportive setup.
Winner: Kyrie 2


Neither shoe has any lockdown issues, so this is a tie.
Winner: Tie

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Both of these shoes are very hot to play in. So the “winner” is whichever is less hot than the other. The Kyrie 2 is a hot shoe, and coupling that with the lack of cushion, and Sammy reported that his feet get blisters playing in them. The Curry 2.5 also gives Sammy some blisters, but it is even hotter. Since the ventilation sucks in both shoes, even though the Curry 2.5 is hotter, Sammy called it a tie, which is nice since neither shoe gets a scoring advantage.
“Winner” Tie


Both the Kyrie 2 and the Curry 2.5 are made with very strong materials and have durable outsoles, so they tie once again.
Winner: Tie

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The Curry 2.5 is the better looking shoe in the Sole Brothers’ opinion. The Kyrie 2 looks sick in some colorways, so the judging here was mainly based on silhouette and colorway. The Curry colorway that Sammy tested (black and yellow) is not the best (the upcoming 73-9 colorway is SICK). The Green Glow colorway of the Kyrie 2 is a really dope looking shoe too (Check out the Sole Brother’s top Kyrie 2 colorways and Curry 2 colorways).
Winner: Curry 2.5

These are both very good shoes, and deserving of the names they bear. They also both have their fatal flaws, like the Kyrie 2’s cushion and the Curry 2.5’s bulk and heat. They are both good values as well, with the Kyrie 2 retailing at $120 and the Curry 2.5 retailing at $135. The Kyrie 2 (size 7.5) weighs in at 12.8 ounces and the Curry 2.5 (size 8) weighs in at 13.26 ounces while being 1/2 of a size larger than the Kyrie 2. Though they are close in weight, the Curry just feels bulkier. That bulky feeling and lack of ventilation are what really bring that shoe down the most, and that is also why the Kyrie 2 is the winner if Sammy had to pick one. Check out the breakdown below and watch Don and Sammy discuss the Nike Kyrie 2 VS Under Armour Curry 2.5 matchup.
Overall Winner: Kyrie 2

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