Top Cushions For Bounciness

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Top Cushions For Bounciness

Cushioning is one of the most important features on a basketball shoe. Having a bad cushion can ruin the experience of an otherwise awesome shoe, likewise a good cushion can cover up other weaknesses a shoe might have. There are multiple categories used to evaluate the performance of a cushion. Impact protection, bounciness, responsiveness and court feel are features of a cushion that provide certain performance benefits, and can be utilized in various ways to provide a certain style of performance to suit the needs of various players. A player who needs impact protection will not necessarily prioritize court feel, as that requires a more stiff and low to the ground cushion that does not lend itself to providing impact protection. Today the Sole Brothers are going to discuss our Top Cushions for Bounciness. Bounce is an aspect of a cushion that gives the player the feeling of getting a bit of a boost in their step or jump. Don and Sammy like to feel a bouncy cushion, I have not experienced a very bouncy cushion setup (I do have a pair of Adidas Light Em Up 2’s, and they are somewhat bouncy) but generally prefer impact protection above all else. We previously discussed our Top Cushions for Impact Protection, and our Top Cushions for Responsiveness/Court Feel will drop soon. These cushions are our favorite bouncy cushions, and I will give you one spoiler, you will not see Phylon on this list.


3. Boost (Adidas)

Adidas’s Boost cushion is only a little bit bouncy. Boost is primarily good for impact protection, and it is also not very responsive. Boost is an overall great cushion, but if you are looking for an extra bounce, there are better alternatives out there.


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2.(tie) Jetlon (Brandblack)

Jetlon is a foam cushion from Brandblack, and it is featured on the Blackhawk and J Crossover 2. Jetlon is pretty bouncy while also providing good impact protection. Jetlon is also quite similar to Adidas’s Bounce cushion.


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2.(tie) Bounce (Adidas)

Bounce lives up to its name and is actually a bouncy cushion. Bounce, like Jetlon, provides good impact protection and bounciness. The D Rose 773 IV, D Lillard 2, and Light Em Up 2 all feature full length Bounce. For Sammy, he experienced a good bouncy feeling in the forefoot wearing the JC2, but not in the heel, but he felt a nice bounce in the heel of the D Lillard 2 and no bounciness in the forefoot. Don felt the bounciness of the cushion in both the heel and forefoot, so maybe Sammy needs to put on some muscle to fully feel the bounciness of those cushions.



1. Zoom Air (Nike)

Nike’s Zoom Air technology has been around for quite a while, but it remains the bounciest cushion on the market. Zoom Air is essentially a plastic bag filled with air and embedded in a midsole. Zoom provides the player with a trampoline like effect and is a good cushion when it is implemented correctly. The drop in midsole used in the Lebron 11 is the best implementation of Zoom Air technology to date, and Don says it sometimes feels too bouncy.

Picking a shoe with the right cushion for your needs and playing style can be tricky, so be sure to check out our other lists of top cushions for impact protection and responsiveness/court feel and find out which type of cushion best suits your needs. Be sure to tell us what your top cushion for bounciness is in the comments and check out the Sole Brothers discuss the Top Cushions for Bounciness below.