Nike Lebron 13 Elite Teardown!


Nike Lebron 13 Elite Teardown!

Last night Sammy sent me a text telling me to check out this link. I was intrigued and opened the link, I was brought to a Chinese website that went through a teardown of the Nike Lebron 13 Elite. I have to say it was one of the most fascinating things I have seen in a while, especially in the sneaker world. Seeing the shoe disassembled into its component parts is pretty cool and definitely worth the time to check out. If you decide to check out the original post, just know in advance that google translate does not provide a smooth translation, so some phrases and even whole sentences do not make much sense. Check out the images below from the site and let us know what you think in the comments about the Nike Lebron 13 Elite teardown!



The carnage!


With the Kurim upper peeled back, the Neoprene inner sleeve is revealed along with some of the flywire cables used for lockdown.


Some additional padding in the tongue area.



Next the insole, not much to see. The original post did say that it was very difficult to remove due to the use of a lot of glue.


A nice look at the carbon fibre shank, cut out of the upper to show the thickness and shape of it.


Hexagonal Zoom pods!


I have no idea what this picture is trying to demonstrate. I know these are Zoom pods, but the article says this apparently demonstrates the different thicknesses of the Zoom units, but I don’t see how the one on the left compares since it is at an entirely different angle.