Nike Lebron Soldier 10 First Impressons

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Nike Lebron Soldier 10 First Impressions!

Lebron James’s tenth team model shoe with Nike, the Lebron Soldier 10, recently debuted after Lebron and the Cavalier’s stunning comeback from a 3-1 deficit to become an NBA Champion for the 3rd time. Lebron James wore a seriously cool colorway during Game 7 while recording a triple double and blocking Andre Igoudala’s shot from behind and hurting his feelings in the process. The Lebron Soldier 10, especially the colorway that was available on Nike ID after the game, is an important shoe for basketball sneaker history. In unrelated news, Don is back in business after breaking his finger and will be testing this shoe as well as Sammy!

First, the Lebron Soldier 10 looks awesome and that is a fact. Don and Sammy said that the shoe fits nicely and that they like the shoe. Don and Sammy do have a few complaints about the shoe. The straps covering the forefoot and midfoot do not stretch or tighten like the straps on the Lebron Soldier 9. The cool thing about the straps on the Lebron Soldier 9 was that you could adjust the straps to give you customized lockdown and support, in the Lebron Soldier 10 you cannot do this. Sammy pointed out that if you do force the straps to stretch out and tighten up, it causes the upper to crease, which is going to mess up the fit and comfort of the shoe. The forefoot strap has the same problem, it does not stretch to give even more lockdown and it limits the flexibility of the forefoot area of the upper. The ankle strap fits nicely and the area around that collar area is very padded and comfortable. The pull tabs at the top are very useful, but the shoe is difficult to put on in general. The materials feel soft, but also feel cheaply made. Don and Sammy have not played in these a ton, but they did say that just wearing the shoe you can’t feel the Zoom units, although that may change during basketball activity. Sammy also reported that trying the shoe out once, the traction seemed slippery, but we have heard of shoes that performed poorly at first but once broken in they improved. The Sole Brothers recommend either going true to size or 1/2 of a size down, but this is certainly a shoe you need to try on before you buy it. The Lebron Soldier 10 does not feel as roomy as other Lebron Soldier models in the past, which is a good thing since it will fit better for those afflicted with a narrow foot. The Lebron Soldier 10 looks sick on foot, and at $130, this is an affordable shoe that looks like it will be a good performer. Stay tuned for the upcoming Performance Review and check out Don and Sammy’s First Impressions below!