Brandblack J Crossover 2 VS Adidas D Lillard 2!

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Brandblack J Crossover 2 VS Adidas D Lillard 2

The Sole Brothers are here to deliver another installment in our VS series, and today we have the Brandblack J Crossover 2 VS Adidas D Lillard 2. The J Crossover 2 is the second signature shoe of Jamal Crawford with Brandblack. The Adidas D Lillard 2 (can be purchased here) is Damien Lillard’s second signature shoe with Adidas, who has been on a roll lately. Both of these shoes are favorites of Don and Sammy’s, so let’s see which one comes out on top, starting as always with the traction.


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The J Crossover 2 features Brandblack’s signature blade traction pattern used in most of their models. The JC2’s traction is awesome and very impressive for such a simple traction pattern and it requires minimal if any wiping. The D Lillard 2 features a solid rubber outsole or a continental rubber outsole depending on the colorway. In the D Lillard 2, you stop hard and fast on a clean court, but you have to wipe every 3-5 plays on a dusty court. The stopping power is about the same in these shoes, but since the D Lillard 2 attracts dust so easily, the JC2 takes the win.
Winner: J Crossover 2


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The D Lillard 2 utilizes a full length setup of Adidas’s Bounce cushion. Bounce provides very good impact protection, bounciness (particularly in the heel, not as much in the forefoot). The D Lillard 2’s Bounce midsole is one of the Sole Brother’s favorites, but it has tough competition from the JC2. The J Crossover 2 uses a full length setup of Brandblack’s Jetlon cushion. Jetlon also provides good impact protection, bounciness, and responsiveness. The JC2’s Jetlon also provides very good impact protection in the forefoot, which is not something you can say about many other shoes. Overall, the impact protection, court feel, and responsiveness are slightly better in the J Crossover 2, but the D Lillard 2 is no less amazing.
Winner: J Crossover 2


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The JC2’s upper features a knit construction with a molded synthetic piece providing support for the heel and ankle. The knit is not very supportive during violent cuts, as Don reported, sometimes your foot will move off of the footbed, which makes the shoe feel unstable. The materials are comfortable, but the lack of support in the mid and forefoot is concerning. The D Lillard 2’s upper utilizes a wide array of materials, but since the jacquard upper is the best performer, we will discuss the materials accordingly. The jacquard upper is a soft performance woven material that provides excellent support, and the neoprene bootie beneath it is very soft and stretchy. Since the D Lillard 2’s materials do not stretch as much and feel more stable, the D Lillard 2 takes the win for materials.
Winner: D Lillard 2






The D Lillard 2 is a tad too long of a shoe, and thus doesn’t fit perfectly. The JC2’s fit cannot be beaten according to Don and Sammy, so the JC2 takes another win.
Winner: J Crossover 2





The D Lillard 2 takes the win for support for the same reason it won in the materials category, namely that it has good forefoot and mid foot support which the JC2 struggles with. Having good support in the forefoot and midfoot is an absolute must for a basketball shoe, since the lack of support in those areas makes the shoe unstable and dangerous. The J Crossover 2 does provide good ankle support, but since its midfoot and forefoot support are poor, the D Lillard 2 wins.
Winner: D Lillard 2


The J Crossover 2 and the D Lillard 2 both provide solid lockdown, and Sammy thinks they should tie in the lockdown category. Don, however, experienced some heel slipping in the D Lillard 2, so that tips the scales in favor of the JC2.
Winner: J Crossover 2


The J Crossover 2 is only slightly better ventilated than the D Lillard 2, according to Sammy.
Winner: J Crossover 2


Sammy reported that his blue and white pair of JC2’s are very worn out and messed up, but his D Lillard 2’s are still going strong, so the D Lillard 2 seems to be the more durable shoe.
Winner: D Lillard 2


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The D Lillard 2 is a very good looking silhouette, but Adidas has put out some pretty weird or just bad looking colorways. The J Crossover 2, however is a clean looking design with simple colorways, and for that reason is the more aesthetically pleasing shoe.
Winner: J Crossover 2

Brandblack sells the JC2 at a retail price of $140, and Adidas charges $105 for the D Lillard 2. Both of these shoes are very good values considering how well they perform. The question comes down to which one would Don and Sammy choose? Don said he would choose the D Lillard 2, simply because the upper in the JC2 gave him too many problems that the D Lilalrd 2 didn’t have. Sammy said he would choose the JC2, since he didn’t have those problems as much, but he still loves the D Lillard 2. We are happy to point out that Brandblack has addressed the issues with the upper, the J Crossover 2 Low features a fuse or synthetic overlay in the forefoot for added support, the upcoming J Crossover 2.5 will feature some different materials like the Low, and the Force Vector (which uses the same midsole and outsole) features a premium leather upper that provides excellent support (stay tuned for the Performance Review for the Force Vector). So the outcome of the Brandblack J Crossover 2 VS Adidas D Lillard 2 is essentially a tie when asking Don and Sammy, but the JC2 won more categories. Tell us what you think in the comments, especially if you have played in both of these shoes, and check out Don and Sammy’s Brandblack J Crossover 2 VS Adidas D Lillard 2 video below.