Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9

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Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9

The Golden State Warriors now feature two of the biggest names in performance basketball shoes now that Kevin Durant moved to the Bay Area. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry may be teammates in the NBA, but they are competitors in the shoe market. So today we will discuss the match-up between the Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9. If you are interested in purchasing either of these shoes, you can cop the Curry 2 here and the KD9 here.


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The Curry 2 features either a solid rubber outsole or a translucent outsole depending upon the colorway. The traction pattern is a chaotic herringbone traction pattern. Don copped “The Professional” colorway with a grey solid rubber outsole that he said is the best out of all of the available Curry 2 outsoles. That colorway features some of the best traction Don has ever played with. The Curry 2 generally requires some wiping, but if dust is not a factor then it provides excellent traction. The KD9 features a honeycomb traction pattern made with a soft rubber compound. The KD9 does provide good traction, if you play on a clean court. On a dusty court, however, the KD9 attracts a lot of dust which causes you to slide or wipe far too often. Since both shoes tend to attract dust, we will decide the winner based on how hard and fast you stop in them. The verdict is that you stop just as hard and fast in either of these shoes, but since the KD9 attracts more dust, we will give the win to the Curry 2.
Winner: Curry 2


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The KD9 features a full length, tapered, articulated, segmented Zoom Air cushion. The KD9’s cushion feels amazing in the forefoot, it feels very bouncy, and it provides good impact protection. The Curry 2 features full length Charged foam. The Charged foam is very responsive, provides good court feel but it is only slightly bouncy and only provides minimal impact protection. Sammy said he can only really feel the Charged cushion if he goes all out, and even then only slightly. If you prefer a responsive cushion and want to feel explosive, the Curry 2 would be the better option for you. If you are a player who needs impact protection or bounce, the KD9 is the way to go. Overall, the KD9 is the better cushion since it still gives you good response and court feel while being bouncy and providing impact protection.
Winner: KD9


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The Curry 2 utilizes two different materials for the upper. In the front half of the shoe, the Curry 2 features a synthetic leather. The back half of the shoe is constructed with Under Armour’s Speedform technology, which is a thin textile material. The synthetic leather in the forefoot feels cheap, but the Speedform feels very nice. The upper is very thin and feels soft, the shoe uses a full tongue, as opposed to the one bootie construction many shoes currently use. The KD9 also uses two different materials for its upper. The front half of the shoe features Nike’s Flyknit technology, while the back half uses a mesh backed with foam. The Flyknit feels soft and does not require any time to break the material in, but the material also does not stretch. Strictly speaking about the materials, not how they are used, the Flyknit used on the KD9 is an overall better material. The Curry 2’s upper is no slouch, but in this case the use of premium materials by Nike in the KD9 takes the win.
Win: KD9


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The Curry 2’s fit is simply amazing, it fits very snugly and feels very streamlined. The Curry 2 does run slightly narrow, so keep that in mind when thinking about purchasing them. The KD9 also fits very nicely, but it is also a very narrow fit. The win goes to the Curry 2 because it is basically a perfectly fitting shoe.
Winner: Curry 2


The Curry 2 wins, since it is a higher cut shoe and fits so well.
Winner: Curry 2


The KD9 takes the win here, since it keeps you very contained. The Curry 2’s Achilles pillows suck, so that doesn’t help you to feel locked in and supported. The Curry 2 does not have a problem with heel slipping, but your heel does not feel locked in.
Win: KD9


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The Curry 2’s thin materials and the low cut of the KD9 make both of these shoes fairly well ventilated, so we have a tie.
Winner: Tie


The KD9 takes the win here, since the Curry 2 had various issues with durability. The guys had some issues with the outsole of the Curry 2 as well as the synthetic leather upper. The KD9 has its issues though, so it only wins by a bit. The Zoom Air bag in the KD9 can pop and the outsole is very soft so the durability of the outsole is questionable.
Winner: KD9


Sam thinks the Curry 2 is the better looking shoe in general. Don said that on the court he loves the aesthetics of the Curry 2, but he would not wear it off court. Don also said that off court, he would wear the KD9. I think the KD9 looks better in general, but which one takes the W?
Winner: Tie

The KD9 and the Curry 2 are both very good values for the price paid. The Under Armour Curry 2 retails at $130, and the Nike KD9 will set you back $150. Both of these shoes are very light as well. The Curry 2 (size 7.5) weighs in at 12.03 ounces, while the KD9 (size 8) weighs a mere 11.57 ounces. The crazy thing is that the KD9 weighs less while being half of a size larger, now you may counter that the Curry 2 is a mid and the KD9 is a low, but the Curry 2 is a very minimal mid top. You would expect them to weigh either the same or maybe even have the Curry 2 be slightly lighter, but the KD9 is slimmer. Now it comes down to picking an overall winner of the duel between the Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9. Sammy said that he prefers to play in the Curry 2 since that is probably his favorite shoe, but he still loves the KD9. So we will probably give the overall result of the Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9 a tie. If you are trying to decide which shoe to get, you cannot go wrong with either, but you can look at our breakdown below and see which categories are most important to you and use that to weigh the outcome of the Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9. Watch Don and Sammy discuss the Under Armour Curry 2 VS Nike KD9 below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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