Brandblack J Crossover 3 Performance Review


Brandblack J Crossover 3 Performance Review

The J Crossover 3 is Jamal Crawford’s third signature shoe with the small, Los Angeles based company called Brandblack. The J Crossover 2 was a stellar performer and one of the Sole Brothers’ favorites, so can the J Crossover 3 improve upon an already incredible shoe? Let’s find out and start off with the traction.


jc3 tractions close
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The JC3 utilizes a translucent outsole with Brandblack’s blade traction pattern, with a bright blue piece under the outsole and Brandblack written in white, which is a nice aesthetic touch. This outsole performs very well and possibly better than the J Crossover 2 which had phenomenal traction. The rubber on the J Crossover 3’s outsole is pretty hard, so it should be fairly durable if you play outdoors. The traction stops you pretty hard and fast, but you do have to wipe every 2-3 plays.


jc33 shroudjc3 cushion


Brandblack used a new foam cushion for the J Crossover 3 called Blackfoam. Blackfoam is supposed to provide 40% more bounce than Brandblack’s other cushion, Jetlon. The Blackfoam midsole is encased in some areas with Brandblack’s Force Vector technology, which is basically a hard plastic that reduces the midsole’s ability to expand which is said to improve response, stability, and bounciness. The Blackfoam midsole used in the J Crossover 3 is not as good, in the Sole Brothers’ opinion, as the Jetlon midsole in the J Crossover 2. The JC3’s cushion does not feel bouncy at all, but it is very responsive. The insole feels very soft, so step in comfort is incredible. Don mentioned that Blackfoam has a similar feel as Under Armour’s Micro G cushion.


jc3 materials closjc3


The JC3 features a ballistic nylon upper reinforced with a fuse overlay in high wear areas as well as a half bootie construction. The ballistic nylon feels like a knit or woven material, it does not require any break in time, and has the sexiest name for an upper’s materials in the world. The materials feel soft, but are also very strong and durable. The JC3 also features a removable shroud for added support and lockdown.


jc3 topjc3 back shroud


The J Crossover 3 fits very nicely with no dead space in the toe area since the materials sit right over the toes. The fit in this shoe is on par with the JC2 or Curry 2, it is that good. The J Crossover 3 does fit narrowly, but you should be able to go true to size without much difficulty. The JC3 is not the most supportive shoe around, but with the shroud on it is pretty good. The lockdown in this shoe is very nice, the TPU heel counter and asymmetrical Achilles pillows feel nice and help give you good lockdown. There was a little bit of heel slipping for Don, but overall the fit/support/lockdown in the JC3 was very good.


jc3 shroud sidejc3 lateral
jc3 back anglejc3 shroud medial

Ventilation, Durability, and Aesthetics

Ventilation: The guys did not say anything about ventilation in their performance review, so I would assume it was either good or at least it was not bad enough to mention.

Durability: The JC3 seems like it will be a very durable shoe since the rubber outsole is pretty hard and the upper is constructed with ballistic nylon(!!!!!!) with fuse overlays which help protect the upper. Sammy mentioned that from doing cuts and crossovers that the fuse bits have gotten scuffed, which is good because that is less wear and tear on the ballistic nylon upper.

Aesthetics: Don was not into the way the shroud looks at first, but it did grow on him so he does like it. Without the shroud, the silhouette looks very clean, simple, and classic. Sammy thinks these look better than the JC2.

Brandblack charges you a retail price of $160 for the J Crossover 3, which is a bit expensive, but it is an extremely premium shoe with quality materials and construction. Brandblack excels at using high quality materials and putting it together with meticulous detail, and the JC3 is just one more example of that. Overall, Sammy really likes everything about the JC3 other than the cushion, which is not bouncy enough and its thickness makes him feel very high off of the ground. It does offer good impact protection, so the Blackfoam is not a bad cushion, just one that Sammy does not prefer. Sammy pointed out that if Don does not like a shoe, he typically never wears it, and he has seen Don rock the J Crossover 3 a lot. Don was slightly disappointed with this shoe due to the cushion, but he also admits that he had very high expectations for this shoe. The Sole Brothers definitely recommend this shoe, and it is a shoe that a player of any position can enjoy. Be sure to tell us what you think in the comment section below if you have played in the JC3, and check out Don and Sammy’s Performance Review as well as their VS video featuring the J Crossover 3 VS J Crossover 2.