adidas D Rose 7 In Depth Performance Review

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adidas D Rose 7 In Depth Performance Review

The wait is finally over, the adidas D Rose 7 has finally been unleashed. This marks the 7th signature shoe adidas has released for Derrick Rose, the newly christened New York Knick. Let’s hope that he stays healthy and regains some of his MVP form from a few years ago. The Sole Brothers loved the D Rose 6, but is the D Rose 7 better than its predecessor?


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If we only had one word to describe the traction of the D Rose 7, that word would be “insane!” The outsole features an aggressive multi-directional herringbone traction pattern with deep, but close together, grooves and a soft rubber compound. This shoe sticks to the floor with some serious bite, stopping you very hard and fast. It does not attract a ton of dust, but when dust sticks to it you do not slide around, in fact, you still stop pretty hard. The rubber is very squeaky and since it is soft, we do not recommend playing outdoors in this shoe. The D Rose 7 delivers some of the best traction out of any basketball shoe without question, earning a rating of 10/10.


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The D Rose 7’s cushion setup is one reason that it has been a highly anticipated shoe. This shoe features adidas’ full-length Boost technology, which is some of the best cushion available. The Boost midsole is caged slightly in the heel area, a plastic piece under the midsole for stability and response, and the outsole wraps around the side of the Boost on the lateral side for more stability and response. The Boost in this year’s model is not as soft and mushy in the heel as the D Rose 6, which Sammy likes since it is more responsive, but Don liked the D Rose 6’s impact protection better. The midsole is firmer than previous models, and it does still compress a lot in the heel, but neither Don nor Sammy could feel any cushion in the forefoot. The cushion is good, but it is not mind blowing. The D Rose 7 provides good impact protection, heel to toe transition, responsiveness, and court feel, earning a rating of 9/10 for cushion.


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The adidas D Rose 7 features two types of materials for the upper, a Primeknit version and a mesh version. The Sole Brothers tested the mesh upper, but I am sure that we will test the Primeknit version in the future. The upper features a mesh construction, it is a one bootie upper, synthetic leather pieces that integrate with the laces for ankle support and lockdown, a neoprene molded collar, and an external and internal heel counter. The D Rose 7 certainly feels as though it was made with more premium materials than the D Rose 6. The upper is strong and pretty soft, although it is not as soft as a jacquard. The materials do break in and get a little bit softer, which makes the upper feel even more comfortable. The D Rose 7 earns a rating of 8/10 for its materials.


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This shoe fits pretty well, Don went true to size and Sammy went down half of a size. The guys did experience a troubling phenomenon related to the fit, but we will discuss that when we go over lockdown. The D Rose 7 does provide a good amount of support, the ankle protection is very good and the materials are strong so you get good support in the midfoot and forefoot. The shoe kept the foot contained in the footbed during cuts or crossovers thanks to the outrigger on the lateral side. This shoe provides good ankle and heel lockdown due to the external heel counter and some decent Achilles pillows. The lacing system does a pretty good job of holding your foot in place, except for the midfoot area. The midfoot lockdown was particularly bad, causing the foot to slide forward, even if the shoe is the appropriate length, and the guys reported that a few of their toes were banged up as a result. Despite the problems with midfoot lockdown, the D Rose 7 still earns a rating of 9/10 for fit/support/lockdown.


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Ventilation, Durability, and Aesthetics

Ventilation: Don reported that his foot felt pretty hot in the D Rose 7, while Sammy reported that it was not hot in the shoe but it also was not well ventilated. This shoe earns a rating of 8/10 for ventilation.

Durability: This shoe should be pretty durable since it is well made with strong materials. The rubber compound is pretty soft so it is not suited for outdoor use. The D Rose 7 earns a rating of 8/10 for durability.

Aesthetics: The D Rose 7 is one sexy shoe both on and off of the court. This model is a huge improvement in the looks department over previous iterations of adidas’s D Rose lineup. This heater earns a rating of 9/10 for aesthetics.

The D Rose 7 weighs in at 14.5 ounces in Sammy’s size 7 shoe. The shoe is pretty heavy, probably due to the Boost midsole, but it does not feel very heavy at all.

The D Rose 7 retails at $140 for the mesh upper and $160 for the Primeknit upper. This price point places the shoe in the middle price tier, but it performs like a top tier shoe. The D Rose 7 is an awesome shoe and the Sole Brothers love it, despite the shoe’s hatred for toes. Everything on this shoe was very good, especially the traction. The Sole Brothers highly recommend the adidas D Rose 7. Let us know what you think about this shoe if you have a pair in the comments, check out the score card for the D Rose 7, and watch Don and Sammy’s Performance Review below.

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