adidas Crazy Explosive Performance Review

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adidas Crazy Explosive Performance Review

adidas has been on a roll lately with their new releases, and today we will be discussing the adidas Crazy Explosive, a brand new silhouette from the three stripes. Images of this shoe popped up on the web claiming that it would be John Wall’s 3rd signature shoe with adidas, then he did not re-sign with adidas after his contract expired. Rather than moving on from this design, adidas re-named it the Crazy Explosive and tapped Andrew Wiggins of the Timber Wolves to promote the shoe. The anticipation leading up to the release of this sneaker has been pretty high since the adidas Crazy Explosive features some of adidas’ best technologies such as Boost and Primeknit. Both Don and Sammy tested this shoe out, so let’s see how it performs on the court!


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The Crazy Explosive features a traction pattern that is made up of thick lines that look sort of like a maze. The grooves are thick, deep, and have enough space in between them to maintain grip even if dust gets attracted to the outsole. The outsole wraps around the midsole on the medial side for stability and traction during cuts. The rubber wears quite easily, Sammy was actually able to tear off one of the lines on his outsole. Considering that the guys tested this shoe exclusively indoors and the rubber wore down that easily, you should not play on an outdoor court at all with these shoes. The outsole performs well, you stop pretty hard and fast and dust does not get stuck to it since the grooves are wide as previously mentioned. The adidas Crazy Explosive does not have as much bite as other models like the D Rose 7, but it does perform very well. This shoe is not squeaky at all, so if you like to sneak up on someone and foul them, this is your shoe! The Sole Brothers give the adidas Crazy Explosive a rating of 9/10 for traction.
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The Crazy Explosive features a full-length Boost midsole with a Stableframe underneath to increase stability and response. The Boost midsole is also caged on the lateral side for stability during cuts and crosses. The rubber cage has holes in it so that the Boost can compress in the heel area. The cushioning system feels softer than the guys were expecting since adidas has been firming up the Boost midsoles in their basketball shoes and they expected the cage to restrict the cushion’s ability to compress more than it did. The medial side is left exposed to provide that soft Boost cushioning. Don said that he could feel the Boost in the heel a lot and a little bit in the forefoot, Sammy could not feel could not feel the cushion much at all, which he actually likes. Don wishes that the cushion was softer so that he could really experience the Boost midsole since Boost has been advertised as super soft. The adidas Crazy Explosive provides good impact protection, good heel to toe transition, it is responsive and provides good court feel. The cushion on the Crazy Explosive earns a rating of 9/10.


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The Crazy Explosive’s upper is constructed with adidas’ Primeknit technology with a Geofit bootie underneath the Primeknit upper and a unique anatomical lacing system. Don and Sammy agree that this is one of the nicest uppers on just about any shoe, ever. The Primeknit feels very soft and stretchy, while the Geofit bootie wraps nicely around your entire foot and is incredibly soft. The materials in the adidas Crazy Explosive are amazing, earning a rating of 10/10.


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Fit: The Crazy Explosive fits very nicely, a tad long so go down a 1/2 size, and the materials sit right over your toes and entire foot. The shoe is pretty narrow, even though it looks wide since it has a wide base, so definitely try this on if you have a wide foot.

Support: This is not the most supportive shoe on the market, that being said, it gets the job done. The Primeknit is pretty stretchy, but the wide base and more tightly woven Primeknit on the lateral side help provide good support for the forefoot and mid-foot. The Primeknit isn’t bad, but it could be better in this area. Even though the adidas Crazy Explosive a high top shoe, it does not provide great ankle protection, but if you wear a brace with the shoe it feels very safe and supportive. Support may not be this shoe’s strong point, but it in no way detracts from the Crazy Explosive’s performance overall.

Lockdown: The lockdown was very good, the only issue being that Don had a minimal amount of heel slipping, while Sammy did not have this issue. The crazy lacing system, which adidas describes as an “anatomical lacing system,” does a nice job of wrapping around your foot and locking you in. There is one minute, tedious issue that the guys had with the laces, they said that when trying to tighten the laces they do not stay tight and immediately loosen. This minor glitch is not a problem but it can become slightly annoying. The adidas Crazy Explosive earns a rating of 10/10 for fit/support/lockdown.


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Ventilation, Durability, and Aesthetics

Ventilation: The Crazy Explosive is a fairly hot shoe to play in but it is not horrible, just noticeable. This earns it a rating of 7/10 for ventilation.

Durability: This is not a durable shoe, the outsole frays and wears very quickly and Primeknit is not the most durable stuff out there. The Crazy Explosive earns a rating of 7/10 for durability.

Aesthetics: Don and Sammy love the colorway that Sammy has of this shoe, but generally think the silhouette is ugly. I have the opposite feelings, I hate Sammy’s colorway but think the silhouette is pretty awesome looking. Still, they make the videos and give the ratings, so the Crazy Explosive earns a rating of 8/10 for aesthetics.

Sammy’s size 7 adidas Crazy Explosive shoes weigh in at 13.83 ounces which seems to be just above average. I think the weight in adidas’ latest shoes being surprisingly high is due to the Boost midsole, it feels light and like a cloud, but they do use a ton of it. The weird thing about this is that the guys reported that this feels like one of the lightest shoes they have played in while wearing it, which validates the point Don has made several times that the feel of the shoe is more important than the actual weight.

The adidas Crazy Explosive retails at $150, making it the 2nd most expensive adidas basketball shoe on the market, the D Rose 7 Primeknit at $160 being the only shoe that is more expensive. This shoe is a must have for performance basketball. It is one of the best shoes adidas has released recently and is one of the best shoes on the entire market. Don and Sammy plan to double up on the adidas Crazy Explosive, and we all should follow suit.

Be sure to tell us your thoughts on the Crazy Explosive in the comments, check out our scorecard and watch Don and Sammy’s Performance Review.

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