adidas Ultra Boost Review

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adidas Ultra Boost Review

The adidas Ultra Boost is one of the most popular shoes on the market today, showcasing adidas’s latest technologies and a sleek, fashionable design. The Ultra Boost is a running shoe, and today the Sole Brothers will give you a review of the shoe, breaking down how it performs as a runner (we are not hardcore runners, so this will be an evaluation on how it felt while running a few times), how it feels as a casual shoe, and as a training shoe.


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The newer iterations of the Ultra Boost all feature adidas’s Continental rubber on the outsole. The outsole is arranged in circles that are connected in a web-like pattern. The models that do not feature Continental rubber are not very durable at all, but the Continental rubber is pretty strong and should last a while. The traction does its job for running, training, or casual use, but it is nothing particularly special.


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As the name implies, this shoe features adidas’s Boost cushion. In the Ultra Boost, adidas implements this technology in a unique and advanced way. The pellets that are compressed to form Boost are more densely pressed together in the Ultra Boost, giving you a slightly firmer, bouncier and responsive ride while still providing an unmatched level of impact protection. The result is, to quote the eloquent Sammy Lee, like “running on a marshmallow.” The shape of the midsole is nice, it was designed for excellent heel to toe transition. A torsion plate in the midfoot helps to stabilize the Boost midsole which has a tendency to be unstable since it compresses so much. The Ultra Boost is the Sole Brothers’ favorite shoe to run in. Casually, this is one of the most comfortable shoes you can get. The midsole is probably too unstable even with the torsion plate and the TPU cage on the upper for most training activities, so we do not advise it.



The adidas Ultra Boost features their full length Primeknit technology and a TPU heel counter and cage around the midfoot. The Primeknit upper is soft and stretchy with a sock like feeling. The material stretches right over your foot which feels very comfortable. The cage and heel counter provide some support and stability, which is good for casual use or running, but it does not provide the kind of support and lockdown that a basketball shoe would for lateral movements. The upper performs very well as a runner and feels great for casual use.


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As far as the fit goes, you should go down a 1/2 size, the shoe does fit narrowly. If the shoe feels a little tight, that is okay as it will stretch in about a week of casual use. If the shoe feels super tight, do not get it as it will not stretch that much. The shoe is supportive enough for running and casual wear, but any type of lateral movements will not be safe. The Ultra Boost does lock you foot in quite well, as neither Don nor Sammy experienced any heel slipping or sliding around in the shoe.


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Ventilation, Durability, and Aesthetics

Ventilation: The Ultra Boost’s upper is practically a sweater on your feet and is pretty hot, so ventilation is not a strong point for this shoe.

Durability: The rubber outsole is not super durable, but the Primeknit upper should last a good while. One minor issue is that the cage does rub against the upper sometimes which may cause fraying over time.

Aesthetics: This is a straight up heater! This is one of the cleanest looking silhouettes on the market, I really like the uncaged models. The upcoming Olympic medal pack Ultra Boosts look awesome.

There is no way to put this gently, the Ultra Boost costs $180. That is way too much for a shoe that 99% of the people who buy it only wear it casually and not for its intended purpose as a runner. The adidas Ultra Boost is a great running shoe, it works great casually, and it sucks as a trainer. Let us know what you think in the comments below about the Ultra Boost and watch Don and Sammy’s review below.