Top Shoes for Point Guards


Top Shoes for Point Guards

Today we will be discussing the best shoes currently on the market for point guards, those players who want to be fast, light on their feet, explosive, and shifty. These shoes will tend to have good traction and a responsive cushion for those hard cuts and crosses. We have six shoes to discuss, and these are not ranked in any particular order.


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Nike Hypershift

Pros: Pretty cheap ($100), very responsive, good traction, excellent lockdown, tons of court feel.

Cons: Little to no impact protection, upper feels somewhat cheap, traction is good but could be better. Check out our Performance Review here.


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Nike Kobe 11 Elite/EM

Pros: Amazing traction if you have the solid rubber outsole, the materials on both are very good, feels very light and minimal, a ton of court feel in the forefoot, heel Zoom unit in the Elite is nice.

Cons: Price ($200 for Elite, $160 for EM), Cushion setups do not have a lot of impact protection, translucent outsoles are horrible. Check out our Performance Review for the Kobe 11 Elite here and  the Kobe 11 EM here.


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Nike KD9

Pros: Traction is good on a clean court, feels light and minimal, cushion provides good impact protection and feels bouncy, the price is pretty low for a signature shoe with this level of tech ($150).

Cons: The cushion is not super responsive (if you like a responsive cushion then this may not be your shoe), the outsole attracts a lot of dust and will cause you to slide if you do not wipe. Check out our Performance Review here.


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Nike Kyrie 2

Pros: Amazing traction, super responsive cushion, good court feel, price ($120 retail, some colorways are on clearance for $100 or less), feels explosive, outsole curvature helps maintain traction during hard cuts, pivot point on the outsole is useful.

Cons: No impact protection, upper is very stiff (Don and Sammy get a lot of blisters in this shoe), ventilation is bad. Check out our Performance Review here.


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Under Armour Curry 2

Pros: Traction is very good (on solid rubber outsoles, particularly the grey on The Professional colorway), cushion is responsive while still giving some impact protection, upper is very nice and thin, fit is amazing, feels minimal and streamlined.

Cons: Translucent outsole does not stick very well and requires a lot of wiping, cushion is not bouncy, not very supportive without an ankle brace. Check out our Performance Review here.


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adidas Crazy Explosive

Pros: Feels incredibly light and streamlined (even though it really isn’t super light), fit is amazing, Boost midsole provides good impact protection, cushion is responsive in the forefoot, Primeknit upper feels nice and is decently supportive.

Cons: Traction is not that great, outsole attracts a good amount of dust, durability of the outsole is pretty bad, price is a tad high but not bad considering the tech ($150). Check out our Performance Review here and watch Don and Sammy discuss our Top Shoes for Point Guards.