How to Black Out Your adidas NMD!


How to Black Out Your adidas NMD

You heard about the latest adidas NMD release with the Boost midsole painted black. They looked so dope that you knew it would be an insta-cop, so you marked your calendar for the day in question, barely able to contain your excitement. Then adidas NMD day came and you spent hours hitting refresh on your web browser hoping to get a chance to cop these dope kicks. Finally, the merciful gods at adidas randomly select you to have your chance to buy the coveted kicks. The only sizes left are 6.5, 13, and 18, and you wear a size 10. Now that you caught that L and all of your dreams of having the sickest kicks are shattered, what do you do now? The Sole Brothers are here to help! Don bought a pair of NMDs with a black upper, red EVA pieces, and white Boost midsole so that he could show you how to black out your NMDs like a pro.

A few things before you get started: painting your Boost midsole is not a perfect process, you may need to repaint it after a while and Don decided for this tutorial not to paint over the red EVA pieces, so if you wanted to black those out too you may need to seek additional help.


Angelus Flat Black Acrylic Leather Paint (you can purchase the paint, dye, and other materials for shoe customization or repair here)


Angelus Jet Black Leather Dye



Paint Brush (small-medium, Don used a 3/8 inch angled brush)


adidas NMD shoe


Step 1: Pour a cap full of dye

You won’t need a lot of dye, so a cap full at a time should suffice. Be sure to dip mainly the tip of the brush into the dye in order to make it easier to be precise.



Step 2: Use your brush to dye the Boost midsole

Don recommends that you begin dying the Boost in the most difficult and complicated areas. Start by dying around the red EVA pieces, making sure that you do not get any dye on the red areas. If your NMDs have a black upper, it is not a big deal if you get dye on it, you can wipe it off with your finger right after you get it on the upper. If your NMDs do not have a black upper, I recommend that you do not get any dye at all on the upper. The reason Don dyes the midsole before painting it is that the dye gives the midsole a similar matte finish that adidas uses when they black out their Boost and a shiny Boost midsole would look odd.



Step 3: Let the dye dry for 5-10 minutes

The finish will look shiny if it is still wet and will have that flat, matte look when it dries. The reason Don dyes the midsole and then paints it is that the dye gives you that matte finish like I mentioned and if you do not paint over the dye, it starts to look purple as if you had just used a Sharpie.



Step 4: Pour a cap full of paint and paint the Boost midsole

Begin in the same way that you did when you dyed the midsole earlier, starting at the most complicated areas first such as around the red EVA pieces. Don used one coat of paint for his NMDs, but is considering adding another coat of paint, you may try this if you feel comfortable, but it is not necessary. If you decide to black out your adidas NMDs, tag us in a pic on instagram @solebrothers_ig and let us know in the comments if this was helpful. Watch Don black out his adidas NMDs below.